2017 Information Conference


2017 Information Conference

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$6 per CD or $65 for complete set of CDs

CD1: Praying the Liturgy of the Hours - Karen Bussey, consecrated virgin

CD2: Fundamentals of the Vocation to Consecrated Virginity - Judith Stegman, consecrated virgin

CD3: The Rite of Consecration: Identity of the Consecrated Virgin Mary Kay Lacke, consecrated virgin

CD4: Living in the World as a Consecrated Virgin- Judith Stegman

CD5: Our Lady, Virgin of Virgins - an Introduction to Prayer - Mary Kay Lacke, consecrated virgin

CD6: The Discernment Journey - Mary Kay Lacke, consecrated virgin

CD7: Love and Virginity – Judith Stegman

CD8: Keeping my Spousal Love Aflame - the virgin bride – Magalis Aguilera, consecrated virgin

CD9&10: Consecrated Virginity In Scripture and History, Parts I & II (2 CDs- $10) - Bishop Earl Boyea, Episcopal Moderator of the United States Association of Consecrated Virgins

CD11: Questions and Answerst – Bishop Boyea

CD12: Essential Points for Discernment Judith Stegman

CD13: Integral Virginity and the Chastity Required for the Consecrated Virgin-According to the Unchanging Tradition of the Catholic Church – Dr. Magalis Aguilera, Psy.D.

CD14: Presentation on the Order of Virgins and Voluntary Associations of Virgins, with a focus on the USACV - led by Judith Stegman

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