2009 Convocation: Keeping our First Love Alive


2009 Convocation: Keeping our First Love Alive

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$5 per talk/$35 entire conference

CD1&2: Remembering Our First Love by Being with Jesus in the Upper Room (2 CDs - $10) - Most Reverend Earl Boyea, Bishop of Lansing and Episcopal Moderator of the United States Association of Consecrated Virgins

CD3: The Rite of Consecration: Mirror of the Consecrated Virgin in the Heart of the Church - Mary Kay Lacke, Consecrated Virgin, Diocese of Steubenville

CD4: The Theological - Liturgical Meaning of the Prayer of Consecration of Virgins Living in the World - Maria Luisa Öfele, Consecrated Virgin, Diocese of Regensburg (Germany)

CD5: Questions and Answers - Most Reverend Earl Boyea

CD6: Committed Love - Most Reverend Francis Kane, Auxilliary Bishop of Archdiocese of Chicago

CD7: How I Learned to Keep my Love Alive; A Personal Sharing - Louise Paré, Consecrated Virgin, Diocese of Lansing

CD8&9: Remembering Rome 2008 (2 CDs - $10) - Judith Stegman and other consecrated virgins

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